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Brian Cohen, Violin Maker

Professional Violin maker, established 1972, constructing violins, violas and cellos to commission, both modern and baroque, individually hand-made in the classical Italian style.

Celebrating 48 years as a professional maker
Over 500 instruments made and sold, worldwide

(updated August 2023)

Update for Brian Cohen Violins, and the shop known as SoundPost, (est. 1972)

Please Note. The retail shop (SoundPost) is now in effect closed, and we are selling the residual shop stock at very competitive prices. This would include antique violins, cases, strings, rosins, accessories, and especially smaller size child's violins, mainly 1/2 size and 3/4 size. There are many bargains to be had!
Brian Cohen Violins still offers some repair and conservation services on better quality antique instruments, and some very minor adjustments. Bow rehairs are available as well, but only to better quality handmade bows. Please telephone or e mail for time availability. Please only visit the studio if a special appointment has been made, and a visit arranged.

Link to SoundPost Special Clearance items, 2023 HERE

Visitors to the website of 'SoundPost' site: You have been directed to this site, and the reason for this is that the retail element of SoundPost has closed, and the remaining stock including cases, bows, strings, instruments of all sizes, accessories are still available via Brian Cohen, even via mail order, until the stock is sold, all at discounted 'stock clearance prices'. Contact details are all on this site. The premises are exactly as they were before, but all that is happening is that the the retail side is closing down. All the previous services are still being offered, i.e. bow rehairs, conservation work on antique quality instruments, selected sales of high quality instruments, and the making of new instruments, all these activities will continue.
I do not have a complete list of items on special sale, this is now under preparation, and will be posted here when more complete, but please contact me for anything you may be looking for, its worth a call just in case we have what you need on offer. Available items will be listed on the 'Sale ' page of this site.

Background and 'Ethos'

The instruments I make are constructed in the classical Italian style, using the traditional methods of that period. Each instrument is made entirely by hand, using the finest quality aged and mature tonewoods, drawn from my own extensive stock, (selectively built up over 50 years,) set up with a choice of the finest fittings and strings. My instruments are built using patterns taken from significant original instruments, using authentic methods, and varnished using traditional materials and a natural application technique, applied by hand. I would venture to say that a violin maker from the 17th or 18th century would be able to come into my studio, recognise the tools and methods, (indeed some of my tools actually date from this period, and are still in daily use) and would be able to get right to work! Everything would be virtually the same, apart from the Italian weather.

While each instrument is conceived as an individual creation in itself, at all times the players' tonal, physical and visual requirements are foremost. Power, volume, sustain, projection, rich tonal colour, textures, clarity, voice separation are some of the qualities present in all 'Brian Cohen' instruments.
My instruments carry a 'lifetime warrantee' ( subject to conditions).

NOTE: As I approach retirement, I have to re-structure the studio: I have a large high quality stock of aged selected wood, ready to use , for sale, most of which is surplus to fulfilling my current orders. I have matched sets for quartets, individual one and two piece backs, ribs, neck blocks, tops, corner blocks of willow, cello backs,( one piece and 2 piece) cello ribs, tops, neck blocks, ebony logs, spruce logs split into wedges large enough for double bass: in short a lot of wood, so please enquire, it all has to go! Included are residual stocks of wood from the estates of the late David Rubio, and Michael Heale, also included in this sale. I will try to prepare a list soon, but for now, please enquire. There are tools too for sale. Please Note: Despite these sales of wood etc, I am still making, and taking orders for new instruments.

Sale of Tonewoods and Tools, Cases, Accessories, and various other special Items. Updated and added to almost daily.

Visitors to the studio welcomed, but strictly by appointment only. Please visit the 'Contact' page for information